The Rachel O'Brien Story

Femme Fatale & The End of The World Mind Control Simulation

The Exclusive Unedited True Edition

Copyright © 2012 by Gary Schachtschneider




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    This is a true story (from the deepest of my heart) of the Illuminati death of Rachel O'Brien. Who was Rachel O'Brien? A very beautiful blonde young hiphop 20 year old female from New Brighton, Minnesota. A very beautiful and addicted young lady, with a very nice boyfriend collection. A beautiful lady who I wanted to be my wife. A very dead addicted beautiful young lady. How do I know? I'm the guy she said she would marry the night before. I'm the guy who woke up and found her cold body next to me on a Sunday mourning January 10th 2010 at 11 AM, I'm the guy who loves her forever...I'm the guy she promised to love forever...

    Who am I? My name is Gary, I'm from Richfield Minnesota. A white suburban 53 year old male. I like playing games: backgammon, foosball, chess, betting sports and playing poker. I worked normal jobs when I was younger: cook, security, blackjack dealer, painting, roofing, day trading and ran an internet shopping mall. Rachel worked at McDonald's, Perkins, and a tanning salon. Rachel liked to dance. I am very good at recognizing talent and was hoping to help her in a professional dance career. Rachel also liked to party.

    Why am I writing this? I love her forever. Her mom, her dad, her ex boyfriend collection, her brother and sister and her friends might want to know. I think it was a suicide execution or asasination (call it what you want, the police call it an accidental overdose). I think she committed suicide. I am 100% certain high-tech "experimental" neuroscience equipment was used on us that night (and the previous year) to create an "End of the World Simulation." (type in: "Illuminati neuroscience mind control" on the internet to find out more on this equipment.) But mainly, I love her forever, that's why.

    We met at Rick's apartment mid summer about two and a half years earlier. Who is Rick? Rick Donich aka "Big Rick", former Marine and bouncer from northeast Minneapolis. I mean who was Rick, Rick's dead too. Did he overdose too? Well all I know is he didn't wake up with his face in his own puke. Rick liked to party too. It was late after a tournament of some kind (either poker or foosball). It was the some of usual addict gang from Minneapolis (like: crazy (maybe not) Big Brian from next door, Mary (Rick's girlfriend), "Oldschool" the funny popcorn pimp etc...) She walked in with her (good looking) boyfriend, I think his name was Tom. Something clicked in my mind. I said to Rick "I'm going to have that guys girlfriend!" (I will never think that again...). I knew she was beautiful, but I thought every guy thinks that, how could I be different? Anyways we just partied, she showed off dancing around a little bit. It just stayed like that for the summer. She liked coming over to Rick's, she thought Rick was funny.

    Then she left Tom for Rick's son Troy who was 17. She said she liked Troy best of all her boyfriends. (Last I heard Troy was in jail for an accidental shooting of his best friend.) I was busy smoking up some of the money (with help from the gang) from my fairly large inheritance that I would be getting. Rick got kicked out of his apartment. Rick needed somewhere to go. I let him into my new house in Richfield. Also moving in was his son Troy with Rachelle who said he "Stole Rachelle for me.". He knew I liked her. I liked looking at her, she was like art on my couch. She was quiet, nice and would wash and fold the towels good. But she was addicted or used almost every drug: coke, meth, crack, ecstacy, oxycotten, percocet, weed, morphine...and occasionally would get drunk (she was afraid of becoming an alcoholic.) "Miss Pharmaceutical" I would call her.

    Anyways, I cared. A former drug use and abuse student, I worked hard to get her off of meth and ecstacy. She understood. I couldn't get her to quit the opiates unfortunately. She said "Why? they make me feel good."

    Rachelle ended up in some kind of trouble (stole a car or something?) and had to go to treatment. Troy ended up in trouble too for accidentally shooting his best friend when they were drunk (so I am told.) He went to jail.So Rachelle wrote me from treatment in Eden Prairie. I ignored it. She wrote me again a second time. She said she needed help to pay a fine or go to prison. She also needed a place to live and asked if she could move back in. She promised "She would love me forever" (this is very important I will explain later, she actually did this!). I said OK. She moved in.

    We tried the play girlfriend for a few months. I bought her a $20 ring at Brian's apartment next door to Rick's one night. She said that she wanted the ring. (I wonder what that guy wanted the $20 for? Kidding...) I asked her "Will you marry me? via text, but she said "I don't think you are serious." The age difference of 30 years was too much. I said "Just be my friend." I wanted her to find a nice guy closer to her age. We talked about sex, but I didn't want a cheap one night thrill I would feel guilty of. She had told me she promised her younger sister she wouldn't have sex until she was married, and she felt guilty when she did. I didn't do anything when she asked if I wanted to sleep with her (the age difference bothered me.) Then when I asked one night if she wanted to have sex, she said "No, hows it feel?" Payback's a bitch.

    So Rachelle moved out for the summer. I had a fun party girlfriend Marie, who also had a fiance. Marie liked to party. Rachelle had a boyfriend Cory. But Rachelle still was the focal point of my day. I would text her first thing in the mourning and last thing at night. I must have texted "I love you" over a thousand times! I bought her about a dozen roses one at a time. She dried them and kept them.

    She said she needed money one day - $500 she needed, so I gave it to her. She gave me a deep kiss. I joked "$500 is a lot for a kiss." She said "I know" All we did was kiss. But deep french kisses. I had a lot of money (over a half million), she had a new kiss each time, (machine gun kiss, rip the tongue out kiss etc..) cute.I partied with a lot of hookers, who cares about sex I just wanted those kisses. Even her kisses were marked Illuminati with the use of Hannah Montana chapstick, it's great chapstick though the best I have ever tasted. We partied when with friends, but we didn't when it was just us, just talked, ate and made out.

    One day when we were riding Rachel said to me "I think I'm pregnant Gary can we stop at Walgreen's and get a test?" She was pregnant from Cory. Cory went to jail, Rachelle stayed with me at my house in Richfield. She wanted an abortion, but said her mom convinced her to have the child. She said she didn't know how she got pregnant. After three months she decided to keep her kid. She stayed with me, Brian and Rick while until two months before her child was due. She moved back home with her mom Diane, it was one of the happiest days of my life, (I wanted her to be OK at home.) Rachelle moved in with Cory after he got out of jail. She told me "I will try it with the guy for 5 months, but I'm not going to stay with him." I spent the summer working on my house to sell it. I finished fixing the house. I sold the house. I moved to Las Vegas in November to play poker and bet sports, every guys dream!

    I was in Vegas living on the strip for three weeks. I missed her. She called me up crying, said Cory was abusing her and her mom didn't believe her. I can only describe it as a true calling, I can only say it was a calling from GOD, seriously not joking, I could feel the will of GOD to have me come back to freezing cold Minnesota in December. An actual somewhat powerful pull. (Yes I was straight, not on drugs.) So I did come back.

    We had a very enjoyable last month together. I was staying in hotel rooms and she would visit me every day except the Holidays. We went to dinner at Rosedale a few times, she liked the Salmon there. The absence of drugs was nice (although she was using away from me.) I helped her get a new apartment in Brooklyn Center. She said she wanted to get away from Cory (yet Cory was still around...).

    On January 1st we went shopping at Northtown Mall. (She was a shopping addict, she would actually sweat she would be so excited...). We walked by a Helzberg Diamonds jewelry store and I asked her if she wanted ring and if she wanted to be like Britney Spears? Why would I ask this? In reflection it seems like an advanced Illuminati notice of Britany Spear's new album "Femme Fatale" (*1). Rachel appears to have been from the same Illuminati class or model type as Britany Spears. She said yes how much can it be. I said $5,000, she picked one out on sale for $3,000 that she was being budget conscience and I said we would take it. I didn't hesitate to buy the ring for her.

    The obituary might read "survived by her boyfriend Cory Schuck." Not that night, should read "former boyfriend Cory Schuck". She said she "just wanted to get away from Cory..."

    Back at the La Quinta Inn hotel room I asked her if she would marry me. Her reply was " Yea, but first I want to live in the apartment for a year." I had never felt so happy in my life. It was Saturday afternoon and we decided to go out for Saturday night. She went back to her apartment to shower and get ready. Rachel picked me up around 7 PM and we headed out. We dropped her child off at her sister Michelle's apartment. I gave Rachelle a $100 for her sister babysitting. I wanted to go to dinner, Rachelle wanted to go to a bar. We had never drank together, but I wanted to make her happy. Making her happy made me happy.

    Somehow we ended up at a dive bar called Shaw's in NE Minneapolis. She had her sister Michelle's drivers license. Although she was almost 21 she still needed it. Also joining us was a male friend Darmu and his friend. Darmu was about the same age and also had a kid, so they could relate. We were just sitting around talking. She got pretty drunk after about 7drinks. Then she got a call from a guy saying he knew where to get some fetynal patches. I didn't even know what fetynal patches were. Turns out fetynal is an opiate about 50 times stronger then morphine. She wanted to go pick the patches up. I told her "No, I want to talk to you". Rachelle replied "There's nothing to talk about. Tonight's the night we become one" and gave me a hard sexy look. Then she said she was going to get the patches herself then. No way was I going to let her drive, so I said OK I better drive. We left to pick up the guy. Driving away from the bar Rachel said in a Mae West voice "Garys my man, come on boys!" and slid over the seat into the back seat. It was funny and cute. We picked up the patches. I thought she just wanted to ease the pain from the big lump on her head, where Cory had hit her. I was driving and I saw the lighter flicker as she started to smoke the fentynal in the back seat. I didn't want to get in trouble for drugs in the car so I pulled over at Brian and Gayleen's house in NE Minneapolis. There was a small gathering of people at the house; a small party. Rachel went into the bathroom there where she must have done to much of the fentynal patch. I received a psychic symbol of a poison sign: a skull and crossbones, come flying at me that I could actually feel hit me in the head! Was this neuroscience or a psychic sign of poison and what was to happen? More on the party and what happened later at the La Quinta hotel. But everything that happened after leaving the party seemed like extra added time to planet Earth by GOD, like it was not supposed to happen.

    But first lets talk about others interest in Rachel and me. Illuminati might be the proper term. The Illuminati controls everything: books, music, legal, stocks, prison, drugs, gambling and lots more. Why would they be interested? Money. I had quite a bit still. I guess they found me to be a threat. I was a threat to cut into their pie. I think mainly it was my backgammon skills, I had just won in the the largest tournament in the U.S. The Las Vegas State Backgammon tournament: first in doubles placed 3rd in the championship division and the semi finals of the $10,000 jackpot. Plus poker, sports betting, foosball and day-trading skills. The Illuminati make high level business jokes. The use of neuroscience equipment that night seems to be a not funny joke on a new neural-net backgammon program "eXtreme Gammon". Get the correlation? "eXtreme Gammon" : extreme event. This event also took place in Brooklyn Park about the same time former mayor Jesse Ventura of Brooklyn Park had his new TV show come out "Conspiracy Theory". Were they trying to make a conspiracy to help promote the show? Then there is the corellation of the same family name as Cathy O'Brien author of "Transformation of America": a documented autobiography of a victim of government mind control, concerning the CIA's top secret MK-Ultra mind control research program. Perhaps a family retaliation for Cathy O'Brien's story. Was the altered state I experienced and Rachel's trance like state just a coincidence?

    I could tell Rachelle was being extremely influenced from someone, but saw through it to the true love, kisses don't lie. I can only guess that it is the work of a very intelligent high level psycologist; like perhaps a CIA psycologist. Using subliminals and much more powerful nuero science equipment. How is this connected to backgammon , poker, sports and day trading you may ask? Goverment and ex-government employees: (custom agents, lawyers, psychologists, judges etc.) play backgammon and poker. Ex-mobsters control sports and influence poker. The Illuminati a combination of both: rich drug barons simply buy or have connections to the government. In defense: I am sure a lot of people and government employees are just are doing their jobs and don't even know.

    Rachelle told me she had "probation officer fantasies". Is this a normal thought? Almost all of Rachel's ex-boyfriends had been to jail. In the hotel room a few weeks before the overdose she had just finished dyeing my hair blonde. She said to me "I could die with you every night. (Paused then said) Oh, "I mean dye your hair." I looked at her funny, but didn't think too much of it, just that it sounded weird. In reflection after her overdose it means something else: the hints of suicide were present in her actions and words. Rachel had told me before she was suicidal and said "I don't like it here on planet Earth." She had also told me in the new apartment "I feel terrible, I just want to crawl into a hole and die." I didn't think much of it then. In reflection though I do now after her coma death.. Did she mean Courtney Loves band H.O.L.E.? and her song Sugar Coma? Rachel was my sugar baby. ,I used to sell a lot of womens fashion on the internet; is the fact that Courtney Love's new clothing line is called "Never the Bride" show a connection to the apparel industry? The new apartment we just got was on Douglas Drive. I later drew the correlation: foosball legand Doug Furry - Douglas drive. Doug's partner Jim "Wiz" Wizwell had also commited suicide. In fact "Wiz" was found by the same guy who called up with the drugs.Anyways, my plans for a new backgammon and foosball mixed doubles partner were crushed. Were Rachelle's thoughts "normal" or were they subliminally implanted by some warped psychologist?

    Was her death justified? I met a guy later that explained to me that Rachelle had done some fetynal patch with someone else and they had died of an overdose. He said they were robbing him. It happened in a house off of University ave in Minneapolis. Is it true? I don't know, just what I am told. I reported the event and what he said to the police though. Anyways, I have subliminal recall from the night before at the hotel room I thought "Who's doing high tech crime on me or government experiment?" Why would I have this thought? I could feel the waves on my brain. I could also feel an evil intent from someone else: like high tech neuroscience equipment.

    Back at the Hotel room I was just lying in bed. I was worn out from trying to trade stocks all day, then bet sports and playing poker all night all week long. Rachelle had an insatiable desire for money and I wanted to give her anything and everything in the world, it made me happy. But I was worn out and upset at her for doing the drugs and drinking too much. I didn't want to deal with it, I was tired. I never got mad at her before. But I was happy, she had finally said she would marry me.

    Then lying there I experienced what I can only call an altered state: a little similar to a virtual reality. It was like being on two planes: a spiritual and a physical plane. The presence of an Omni like power was incredible, Was it GOD? Was it part of a neuroscience experiment? Or was it both? Felt like GOD. It was like being completly surrounded by pure love, best I can describe it. It was like GOD had granted extra time on Earth for our souls to unite. Preceded by a simulation of what I took to be the end of the world and now draw a correlation to Britney Spear's "Till the World Ends" on her "Femme Fatal" album.It's hard to explain the next part, how does one explain eternity? I experienced a state of being in forever with her. I really mean a state of forever: I can best explain it as just me and her in space with an absense of time. She kept her promise of loving me forever. Was it GOD? Was it simulated? Or was it both? I truly can't tell. I experienced a transfusion of love, an incredible energy flow of love from me to Rachel. I have the deepest bond in my heart, I love her forever and ever. It appears to be a special union only available through GOD. Just like the heart says she carved on my deck "Gary loves Rachel." forever.

    I can best describe the night before as a beautiful experience of "sex during revelations". Seriously, I experienced what I can only describe as either a real or neuroscience simulation of revelation from GOD. Which leads me to the revelation (*2) of Kay. The last words Rachel said to me were: "I am just going outside to see shorty's wife. Kay..."





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    Revelation - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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